July 23, 2007

From Peter Case’s Journal:case.jpg

1974 was the year I started getting proficient at “living on the street”. I had come west on the Greyhound from Buffalo, New York in early 73, a young acid casualty looking for someplace to land…Got off the bus one morning at the foot of Mission Street, in San Francisco, and dove in. I was 19, hair down to my shoulders, and playing a cheap Japanese guitar (the Yamaki deluxe:$99.95: it had a rockin’ buzz to it). I was carrying a fork in my coat pocket, in case I ran into dinner somewhere. I was drinking THE WINE, as it would come to be known in numerous songs of the day.
I first met Peter when I photographed his band the Plimsouls back in the late Seventies. The original troubadour is still at it. I caught him recently at Cafe Du Nord. Here’s the video.


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